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By Maria Vanina Martinez, Visit Amazon's Cristian Molinaro Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Cristian Molinaro, , V.S. Subrahmanian, Leila Amgoud

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This SpringerBrief proposes a normal framework for reasoning approximately inconsistency in a wide selection of logics, together with inconsistency solution tools that experience no longer but been studied. The proposed framework permits clients to specify personal tastes on the right way to get to the bottom of inconsistency while there are a number of how you can achieve this. This empowers clients to unravel inconsistency in facts leveraging either their targeted wisdom of the knowledge in addition to their program wishes. The short indicates that the framework is well-suited to address inconsistency in different logics, and gives algorithms to compute most well-liked concepts. ultimately, the short exhibits that the framework not just captures numerous present works, but additionally helps reasoning approximately inconsistency in different logics for which no such tools exist today.

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1. For any probabilistic knowledge base K = {φ1 : [ 1 , u1 ], . . , φn : [ n , un ]}, the weakening mechanism WP is defined as follows: WP (K ) = {{φ1 : [ 1 , u1 ], . . , φn : [ n , un ]} | [ i , ui ] ⊆ [ i , ui ], 1 ≤ i ≤ n}. 3. 2. 5] ⊆ [ 2 , u2 ]. t. t. [ 1 , u1 ] ∩ [ 2 , u2 ] = 0/ (this condition ensures consistency). Suppose that the preferred options are those that modify the probability intervals as little as possible: Oi P O j iff sc(Oi ) ≤ sc(O j ) for any options Oi , O j for K , where sc(CN({ψ1 , ψ2 })) = diff(ψ1 , ψ1 ) + diff(ψ2 , ψ2 ) and diff(φ : [ 1 , u1 ], φ : [ 2 , u2 ]) = 1 − 2 + u2 − u1 .

The second approach to handling inconsistency does not aim to restore consistency, instead the main objective is to reason despite the inconsistent information and treats inconsistent information as informative. Argumentation and paraconsistent logic are examples of this approach (we refer the reader to Hunter (1998) for a survey on paraconsistent logics). Argumentation is based on the justification of plausible conclusions by arguments (Amgoud and Cayrol 2002; Dung 1995). Due to inconsistency, arguments may be attacked by counterarguments.

Another element of our framework is that of preference. Users can specify any preference relation they want on their options. Once the user has selected the logic he is working with, the options that he considers appropriate, and his preference relation on these options, our framework provides a semantics for a knowledge base taking these user inputs into account. V. 1007/978-1-4614-6750-2 6, © The Author(s) 2013 41 42 6 Conclusions and needs. (ii) A general notion of preference relation between options.

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A General Framework for Reasoning On Inconsistency by Maria Vanina Martinez, Visit Amazon's Cristian Molinaro Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Cristian Molinaro, , V.S. Subrahmanian, Leila Amgoud

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