A History of Japanese Literature: From the Manyoshu to - download pdf or read online

By Shuichi Kato

ISBN-10: 1136613684

ISBN-13: 9781136613685

A brand new simplified variation translated by means of Don Sanderson. the unique three-volume paintings, first released in 1979, has been revised especially as a unmarried quantity paperback which concentrates at the improvement of eastern literature.

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I am waiting at the gate With all the willows trimmed. (Vol. 14, poem 3455) In the future, there was to be further 'Japanization' of foreign culture through this kind of indigenous world-view. The content of the imported culture became progressively differentiated and the means of expression increasingly refined. Copyrighted Material CHAPTER TWO The First Turning Point he century spanning the establishment of Kyoto as capital in 794 and the discontinuation of the embassies to Tang China in 894 was a period in which imported Chinese civilization was gradually digested and submitted to a native transformation.

VoU, poem 20) Copyrighted Material THE AGE OF THE MAN'YOSHU 25 The prince replied with this poem: My love, delighted as the Murasaki flower; If I thought her hateful being the wife of another, Would I then still love her? (VoU, poem 21) That the elder brother had stolen the younger brother's wife and that she had a love affair with the younger brother, was not considered a taboo, although undoubtedly the cirumstances were somewhat special in this case, due not only to the position of the Princess Nukata, but to the strained political situation of the time.

20, poem 4373) The common people would not have said such a thing; nor would the members of the embassy sent to SilIa; nor most of the aristocracy. It was only the class of minor leaders who could speak of serving their lord regardless of personal risk. (It may not have been mere coincidence that over a thousand years later the militarists of the 1930s made use of this poem for propaganda purposes. The most fanatical supporters of the emperor system were to be found among minor leaders such as small land-owners in rural villages, and small businessmen and fact ory owners in the cities and rural areas,) Many of the things which we cannot learn from the poems of the frontier guards, which were written under special circumstances, we can learn from the collection know as Azama-uta (Poems from the Eastern Provinces).

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