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By Victoria Schofield

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For hundreds of years, males have fought and died at the Afghan frontier -- American infantrymen and the Taliban are in basic terms the newest. because the gateway to India and the crossroads of critical Asia, Afghanistan has tempted the greed and starvation for energy of numerous invaders, from the Greek armies of Alexander the nice to Brezhnev’s Soviet forces. safe haven of spies and mountainous courtroom of intrigue, this frontier international is among the such a lot haunting and vast battlefields on the earth. This version of Afghan Frontier encompasses a new afterword from the writer, finishing the gripping portrait of a sector that's as treacherous because it is attractive.

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But they realised that they could not do so and return to their camp before darkness. ‘For a moment we were dotty enough to consider going on. It was a 42 Frontier Panorama terrific temptation: we were only 700 feet below the summit. Then we decided to give up. Both of us were nearly in tears. ’ Even so, they had been able to admire one of the most magnificent panoramas in the world. Below us on every side, mountains surged away it seemed for ever; we looked down on glaciers and snow-covered peaks that perhaps no one has ever seen before, except from the air.

It’s warmer living in a hut than a tent and so whenever we can find a hut to live in, we do so. They are strongly built houses, but the fire is made in the centre of the floor and the smoke goes or rather ought to go out of a large hole left in the ceiling. The walls and rafters are black with smoke and the cows and sheep generally live inside with the owner’s family. The family have vacated the hut I’m in, but the 58 Frontier Panorama cows and sheep do not approve of the arrangement and keep on trying to come in.

Gerald Curtis, a British political officer in the 1930s, flew over this ‘fierce and difficult country’ in ‘what would now be a museum-piece’. He found the mountain itself had: . . a somewhat moth-eaten appearance due to the fact that the trees, that perished for one reason or another, lay where they fell. The valleys leading down to the Indus were deep Hazara 45 and very dark and it was not always possible to spot the settlements although each had at least one tall, slender tower for defence purposes.

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