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3. Priesterfur Gott, p. 323 (her summary). 4. Priesterfur Gott, p. 323. 3. 1 Similarly, Rev. 21 shows that the saints alone are pictured as inheriting the kingdom of the world at the parousia, and Rev. 5 shows that their reign with Christ is not limited to the thousand years. 4ff. In fact, it is obvious that the number 'one thousand' has lost its quantitative-temporal character in Rev. 3 Fiorenza fills out these statements by affirming that the picture of the first resurrection is intended to convey not chronological-sequential information, but rather theological promise.

4a) are none other than the resurrected overcomers who have been deemed worthy of receiving the authority to rule (Herrschaft) with Christ (cf. Dan. 22; Rev. 3 'Gog and Magog' (Rev. 21 indicates that 'no human survivors' will be left. Gog and Magog are therefore to be identified as all the demons of the abyss (and, just conceivably, the unresurrected dead). In other words, Rev. 4 Fiorenza compares the sequence of eschatological events in Revelation 19-22 (parousia, destruction of the earthly kingdoms, messianic kingdom, destruction of Satan, last judgment [Weltgericht], new world, City of God) with OT (Ezekiel, Daniel), 'old Jewish-nationalistic'5 and apocalyptic models 1.

6, the Christian idea of the millennial setting]. 1-15 with other parts of Revelation. He has also made 1. God's Rule and Kingdom, p. 346. Schnackenburg offers little more than a statement of this important point. Later on in the present study, it will be shown that a very strong case can be made in support of it. 2. Cf. God's Rule and Kingdom, p. 342: 'On closer examination, there would seem to be no place even in the Apocalypse for an interregnum of Christ'. He summarizes his point on p. 346: Tor John the seer the future fulfillment of the world and the future aeon are one whole; there is only one kingdom of God and of Christ.

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