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By Mario Baldassarri (auth.)

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Algebraic geometry has regularly been an ec1ectic technological know-how, with its roots in algebra, function-theory and topology. except early resear­ ches, now a couple of century previous, this gorgeous department of arithmetic has for a few years been investigated mainly through the Italian college which, by way of its pioneer paintings, in keeping with algebro-geometric tools, has succeeded in build up an impressive physique of information. rather except its intrinsic curiosity, this possesses excessive heuristic worth because it represents an important step in the direction of the fashionable achievements. a definite loss of rigour within the c1assical equipment, in particular in regards to the rules, is basically justified through the artistic impulse printed within the first levels of our topic; an identical phenomenon could be saw, to a better or much less volume, within the historic improvement of the other technology, mathematical or non-mathematical. at the least, in the c1assical area itself, the principles have been later explored and consolidated, largely by way of SEVERI, on strains that have usually encouraged extra investigations within the summary box. approximately twenty-five years in the past B. L. VAN DER WAERDEN and, later, O. ZARISKI and A. WEIL, including their colleges, tested the equipment of recent summary algebraic geometry which, rejecting the c1assical limit to the complicated groundfield, gave up geometrical instinct and undertook arithmetisation lower than the starting to be impact of summary algebra.

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38 and the historical note}, the (impure) anticanonical system and its dimension, increased by unity, is the antigenus of the variety V. An unsolved question is the possibility or otherwise of deducing from the anticanonical system, which is evidently a relative invariant of V, an absolute invariant: this seems an important question because its solution might furnish a means for the birational characterisation of the unirational varieties, i. e. those varieties which can be mapped on an involution of a projective space {see (I,6)}.

T. of the sequence have the centre in an isolated multiple k-point of F. The following is then a global reduction theorem for a simple k-surface embedded in V and endowed with singular k-points and k-curves of maximal multiplicity '11: Every normal sequence of permissible transformations which does not lower the multiplicity of the centre, is necessarily finite {see ZARISKI [9J, III,I7}. In the classical case of a k-surface, embedded in projective space, this is the theorem of BEPPO LEVI. In the general case ZARISKI begins, after the singular locus has been prepared as above, by proving that if the· theorem is true, then two maximal normal sequences of permissible transformations lead to the same k-surface: this is substantially an effect of the commutativity of the operations in the sequences, following partially from (b).

If (Xl' xa, ... , xn) is a non-homogeneous generic point of V with respect to k, we may suppose, by making, if necessary, a projective transformation, that Xi p =1= 00: the point (x P) which belongs to V is then called the centre of the place p. Obviously we have: 0::;;; dim(xp) ;:;;; d. Moreover if h is an integer such that 0 ::;;; h ::;;; d, then there is some projective model V' of Rk(V) on whieh the centre of p has dimension h. The point (x P) is the generic point over k of the centre of the valuation v associated with p.

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