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By Robert C. Fuller

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El símbolo, el mito y el culto de Quetzalcóatl tienen un origen múltiple: el agua y l. a. tierra se unieron en un principio en los angeles imagen de l. a. fertilidad resumida en los angeles serpiente-jaguar; más tarde se agregó a ésta un elemento celeste —la lluvia, el agua que viene de las alturas— y nació el pájaro-serpiente; los pueblos teocráticos, finalmente, elevaron estas concepciones al ámbito de las deidades y terminaron representando a los angeles nube de los angeles lluvia, portadora, propiciadora de l. a. fertilidad, como una serpiente emplumada o quetzallicóatl.

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Mesmer was most concerned with the application of his discovery to the treatment of sickness and disease. Animal magnetism was said to be evenly distributed throughout the healthy human body. If for any reason an individual's supply of animal magnetism was thrown out of equilibrium, one or more bodily organs would consequently be deprived of sufficient amounts of this vital force and would eventually begin to falter. "2 In other words, since any and all illnesses can ultimately be traced back to a disturbance in the body's supply of animal magnetism, medical science could be reduced to a simple set of procedures aimed at supercharging a patient's nervous system with this mysterious life-giving energy.

Nature iterates her means perpetually on successive planes"). More important, it involved a belief in interpenetrating spheres of causality. When inner harmony, or resonance between realms, is established, guiding wisdom and energy automatically flow from the "higher" to the "lower" plane. On this view, the idea that there are laws governing human participation in God's redemptive scheme entails not only obligation but opportunity as well. According to the harrnonial understanding, the covenant, rather than restraining humanity's natural tendencies, promises their almost unlimited fulfillment.

Right beliefs channel health, happiness, and wisdom out of the cosmic ethers and into the individual's mental atmosphere. If we can control our beliefs, we will control the shunting valve that connects us to psychological abundance. The essential thing, Quimby counseled, was to identify ourselves in terms of internal rather than external reference points. If persons believe that the external environment is their only source of measures of selfworth, they lose contact with their inner, spiritual selves.

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