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The us reveals itself on the heart of a traditionally extraordinary empire, one who is wealth-generating and voluntary instead of imperialistic, say the authors of this compelling booklet. William E. Odom and Robert Dujarric research America's unheard of strength in the foreign arenas of politics, economics, demographics, schooling, technology, and tradition. They argue persuasively that the foremost hazard to this targeted empire is useless U.S. management, no longer a emerging rival strength heart. the United States can't easily behave as a normal sovereign country, Odom and Dujarric contend. They describe the duties that accompany impressive strength benefits and clarify that resorting to unilateralism is smart in simple terms while it turns into essential to conquer paralysis in multilateral firms. The authors additionally provide insights into the significance of liberal overseas associations as a resource of strength, why foreign cooperation can pay, and why spreading democracy usually inhibits the unfold of constitutional order. If the us makes use of its personal strength constructively, the authors finish, the yank empire will flourish for a very long time.

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7 To be a full-fledged member of this empire requires a country to have achieved what we previously defined as a constitutional breakthrough. And it must have internalized its constitutional arrangements so that they are stable. In other words, it must be a mature Liberal democracy, meaning that it also has a market economy. S. institutions to permit peaceful and comprehensive economic, social, and political intercourse. Its military orientation toward the United States must at least be neutral; ideally, it will be a formal ally.

3. Countries struggle to join it, not to counterbalance it. Elaboration of each of these characteristics will demonstrate that they are not just slogans but simplifying labels for complex realities and relations. The Ideology and Institutions of a Liberal Empire On the face of it, “Liberal empire” is a contradiction in terms. Liberalism, which rejects colonial domination, values national sovereignty, and requires civil rights for all citizens, is the antithesis of imperialism. Indeed, it has been and still is incompat- AN EMPIRE OF A NEW TYPE 41 ible with colonialism, slavery, and similar institutions of past imperialisms.

Marx, of course, and all of those “Social Democrats” who absorbed some version of his teachings, more effectively put the onus on Liberalism than anyone else until the early twentieth century. Then the Fascists in Italy and the National Socialists in Germany did the same, blaming it for all our misfortunes. Both ideologies required the destruction of Liberalism, first of all because of its strong defense of individual rights against the democratic majorities that Nazis and communists could produce to back their policies aims.

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