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By Justin Gregg

ISBN-10: 019966045X

ISBN-13: 9780199660452

How clever are dolphins? Is their conversation approach particularly as complicated as human language? And are they as pleasant and peaceable as they're made out to be?

Justin Gregg weighs up the claims made approximately dolphin intelligence and separates clinical truth from fiction. He provides the result of the most recent study in animal behaviour, and places our wisdom approximately them into standpoint with comparisons to medical stories of alternative animals, specially the crow relatives and nice apes. He offers interesting bills of the demanding situations of trying out what an animal with flippers and no facial expressions may truly be pondering. Gregg's evidence-based strategy creates a finished and updated examine of this interesting animal so as to attract all these intrigued via dolphin behaviour.

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Changes to the genome/phenotype that have no influence on fitness) might be responsible for the over- and undersized brains for primates and cetaceans since both orders consist of species with small populations, which are known to be particularly susceptible to neutral/random drift. 39 EQ ratings can change depending on the data sources and different methods used for calculation, which means comparisons of ratings between studies might be providing spurious results. 40 As it stands, neither EQ nor absolute brain size have established themselves as metrics that can be confidently proclaimed as reliable predictors of animals’ performance on cognitive tests associated with intelligence.

Let’s begin by tackling the organ that gives rise to it: the brain. 2 He argued that it is large brain size that leads to the ability to produce and comprehend language, culture, or any of the other intellectual feats made famous by Homo sapiens. By his reckoning, only elephants and a handful of cetacean species had brains large enough to harbor an intelligence that could rival that of humankind (chimpanzees were scratched off his list due to their small brain size). 7 Despite having brains three times larger than humans, an elephant is, he argued, unable to make sounds that resemble human speech, so there was no point in testing them for either language capacity or intelligence.

17 28 W H AT BIG BR A INS YOU H AV E But is it possible to use relative brain size as a metric for intelligence as Marino suggests? 18 The quick answer is: the jury’s still out. The science in support of this assumption is equivocal at best. For EQ to be a reliable indicator of cognitive capacity, it must have predictive value insofar as an EQ value should correspond closely with cognitive abilities in a robust, reliable, and reproducible way across the animal kingdom. A handful of studies have indeed found correlations.

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