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During this booklet, Graham Oppy examines arguments for and opposed to the life of God. He indicates that none of those arguments is robust adequate to alter the minds of moderate contributors in debates at the query of the life of God.

His end is supported by way of designated analyses of the arguments in addition to by way of the advance of a concept concerning the objective of arguments and the standards that are meant to be utilized in judging even if arguments are profitable.

Oppy discusses the paintings of a wide range of philosophers, together with Anselm, Aquinas, Descartes, Locke, Leibniz, Kant, Hume and, extra lately, Plantinga, Dembski, White, Dawkins, Bergman, Gale and Pruss.

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But how could the strong agnostic avoid the objectionable claims? Perhaps like this: It is clear that there are cases – such as lotteries – in which the type of argument deployed by the strong agnostic is correct. In other words, in some cases in which one is confronted by a range of hypotheses between which no available considerations can decide, the reasonable thing to do is to suspend judgement. This suggests that if the sceptical conclusions are to be avoided, there must be “available considerations” that decide in favour of, for example, the hypothesis that there really are chairs, tables, and wombats.

One ought to suspend judgement between all of the hypotheses p, p1 , . . , pn, . . Moreover, also underlying this appeal there is typically a further principle, along the following lines: it is possible to characterise a suitable notion of evidential support that does not rely upon a relativisation to background assumptions or theories. In the next two parts of this section, I propose: (i) to sketch the best case that I can make for strong agnosticism; and then (ii) to argue that the case fails because the two kinds of principles required for strong agnosticism cannot be plausibly conjoined.

So, in sum: the available evidence no more supports the belief that an orthodoxly conceived monotheistic god exists than it supports belief in numerous incompatible hypotheses. But in such circumstances, it cannot be rational to believe that an orthodoxly conceived monotheistic god exists. 4 below for a discussion of one argument that might be thought to do the trick. Since the total evidence fails to support any one hypothesis more than its competitors, the only rational course is to suspend judgement.

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