Atlas of Conducted Electrical Weapon Wounds and Forensic by Paul C. Nystrom M.D. (auth.), Jeffrey D. Ho, Donald M. PDF

By Paul C. Nystrom M.D. (auth.), Jeffrey D. Ho, Donald M. Dawes, Mark W. Kroll (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461435420

ISBN-13: 9781461435426

ISBN-10: 1461435439

ISBN-13: 9781461435433

Atlas of performed electric Weapon Wounds and Forensic Analysis offers a finished e-book with regards to carried out electric Weapon (CEW) wounds and signature markings created via this type of weapon. This quantity will function a truly resource for all professions tasked with aiding people that experience allegedly been subjected to a CEW publicity. the amount presents an creation to easy CEW know-how and the categories of CEWs at present to be had. It additionally serves as a finished pictorial atlas of signature markings that CEW exposures make within the fast and extra distant post-exposure sessions. additionally, it discusses the power of forensic uniqueness examinations of the CEW itself to help within the choice of even if the alleged CEW publicity is in line with the target facts and the subjective statements. eventually, this article addresses the $64000 and starting to be sector of factitious CEW markings that may be invaluable for attention via investigators and litigators. Atlas of carried out electric Weapon Wounds and Forensic Analysis presents an aim atlas of facts for reference that might profit these pros who frequently needs to make diagnostic, remedy or felony judgments on those circumstances together with Emergency and Primary-Care Physicians, health workers, Forensic Pathologists, Coroners, legislation Enforcement Investigators, and Attorneys.

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First made by Stun Tech, Inc. who later became Stinger Systems, Inc. , the REACT belt is no longer available. However, the Band-It as a newer generation restraint-type CEW does exist and attaches to the arm or leg of a subject and may be activated from up to 53 m away (175 ft). It is designed primarily for prisoner transport and courtroom settings when there is concern the wearer may be violent or aggressive. It has both automatic and remote/ manual activation settings that provide a painful shock from two small probes against the target’s body.

The presence of these errors in reports is a sure sign of a superficial knowledge of electricity and should be avoided. The Body as a Resistor tissue. The unit of bulk resistivity is the “ohm·cm” and this allows for the calculation of an arbitrary sized sample of the tissue. ” Rather, it is ohm multiplied by cm. Example: Blood has a bulk resistivity of about 150 W ·cm. What is the electrical resistance of a 20 cm section of the aorta with a 2 cm2 cross-sectional area? Resistance = Bulk resistivity(W cm) ( ) ·length (cm )¸ cross - sectional area cm 2 = 150 W cm · 20 cm ¸ 2 cm = 1,500 W 2 The electrical injury literature often has comments that electrical currents are carried by the blood vessels.

International Electrotechnical Commission. Effects of current on human beings and livestock, IEC/TS60479– 1: Effects of currents passing through the human body. 4th ed. Geneva: IEC; 2005. 16. Geddes LA, Tacker WA, Cabler P, Chapman R, Rivera R, Kiddler H. The decrease in transthoracic impedance during successive ventricular defibrillation trials. Med Instr. 1975;9:179–80. 17. Gabriel S, Lau RW, Gabriel C. The dielectric properties of biological tissues: II. Measurements in the frequency range 10 Hz to 20 GHz.

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Atlas of Conducted Electrical Weapon Wounds and Forensic Analysis by Paul C. Nystrom M.D. (auth.), Jeffrey D. Ho, Donald M. Dawes, Mark W. Kroll (eds.)

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