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Even if 1 Cor 15:29 (“Otherwise what are they to do, who've themselves baptized as a result of the useless? If the lifeless usually are not quite raised, why are they baptized because of them?”) has obtained an enormous quantity of recognition within the biblical academy, there is not any scholarly consensus as to its that means. for you to holiday the present deadlock, this quantity studies and reviews the over 40 assorted interpretations of 15:29, then examines the verse anew when it comes to its literary, historic, and theological contexts in the writings of Paul. at the foundation of this learn, Hull concludes that 1 Cor 15:29 is a twin rhetorical query during which Paul holds up one staff in the Corinthian group as a laudable instance for the complete neighborhood. particularly, those that have themselves baptized are present process the ceremony of baptism due to their steadfast religion within the resurrection of Christ and, concomitantly, of Christians. They suffer the ceremony of baptism “on account of the dead”—on account of the truth that the useless are destined for life—and therefore disgrace the confidence and lack of information of these one of the Corinthians who deny the resurrection (1 Cor 15:12).

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Note that Dürselen considers baptivzw to refer to ordinary baptism and nekrov~ to refer to non-Christian dead since no form of ajnavstasi~ is present (304–7). , 308. 63 See Ibid. 64 See Thompson (“I Corinthians 15, 29,” 560) who notes that Dürselen’s position on the punctuation of 15:29 was once so favorably regarded that it was included as an option in E. Nestle and K. Aland’s revision of the Greek New Testament in 1960. 65 Foschini, Baptized for the Dead, 92. 67 So for him, 15:29b is a parallel repetition of 15:29a, and 15:29 would be rendered: “‘Otherwise what shall they do who are baptized?

33 Following Rissi, C. K. Barrett also claims that 15:29 refers to those within the Corinthian community who died before a desire to be baptized was fulfilled. 34 For Barrett, common sense and the temperament of Paul show that he could hardly have used a practice he disapproved of in defense of the resurrection, so he must have seen some benefit in the Corinthian practice. The sense of the verse is clear: the baptizovmenoi were vicariously baptized for others who died before their anticipated baptism.

N. 15) makes the same point with reference to DeMaris. White’s own interpretation of 15:29 is considered below. BAPTISM ON ACCOUNT OF THE DEAD 18 perspective of the polyvalent purpose of baptism and intertestamental cosmology and eschatology. He highlights that aspect of baptism, often stressed by Paul, wherein the baptized share in Christ’s victory over death rather than baptism as a forgiveness of sin and rite of incorporation (in parallel fashion to Martin’s emphasis on membership in the kingdom over membership in the Church).

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