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For References p p . 29-30 22 0. C. polarizing current routed through the dendrite of the first order neurone. The effect on the discharge activity of the unit under such circumstances is very similar even in its time course to that evoked by cupula displacement on rotatory acceleration and deceleration. A rigorous quantitative analysis of this parallelism in the endorgan response is at present being carried out in my laboratory. If we assume then for the sake of argument that the two types of stimulation do in fact produce similar time relationships, the question arises whether the model based on the assumed mechanical properties of the cupula describes both the necessary and sufficient basis of the function of the system.

1965) Functional anatomy of the vestibular and lateral line organs. In W. D. ), Contribution to Sensory Physiology. Academic Press, New York, pp. 39-61. , FLOCK,A. -G. (1966) Structural basis for directional sensitivity in cochlear and vestibular sensory receptors. Cold Spr. Hurb. Symp. quunt. , 30, 115-145. , FLOCK, A. -G. (1970) The vestibular sensory areas and the organ of Corti. A scanning electron microscopic study. Z . Horgerateukustik, 9, 56-63. This Page Intentionally Left Blank 19 Physiology of the Vestibular Receptors 0 .

1). A particularly clear example of a subunit within a greater nucleus is thegroupf(drawings 17-21 in Fig. l), described first by Meessen and Olszewski (1949) in the rabbit. The regional differences in cytoarchitecture are recognized also in Golgi sections, as can be seen from the drawing of a sagittal section through the vestibular nuclei in Fig. 2. For example, in the nucleus of Deiters the relatively few giant cells occurring in its rostroventral part have more straight, longer and less amply branching dendrites than those in the dorsocaudal part, and there are differences with regard to their orientation.

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