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Whether this shift of habitat occurred through strife or in peace the records do not yet reveal, and probably never will. The near absence of natural enemies in caves must have had profound effects upon the ecologic and social habits of bats; only in cave conditions could they indulge in such long periods of torpor and hibernation. Nor do we know whether the atmosphere in caves, with its special qualities of air circulation and composition, was a particular attraction to animals with the energic properties and dietary habits of bats.

Transiens was a large bat, with a wingspread of about a meter (as stated by Dal Piaz, 1937, p. 4 ) , a long tail, and well-developed calcars or spurs on its heels. It probably had a long and clawed index finger as well as teeth with pointed cusps, but the poor preservation of part Fig. 13. Η Ic Index claw bone (terminal phalange) of second digit of right manus. 34χ. humerus index claw bone (ungual or third phalange of second digit) Pn perforation S2 second (middle) phalange of second digit U ulna Fig.

B A T ORIGINS AND Fig. 14. 1. EVOLUTION 41 42 GLENN L. JEPSEN tional design. Frequently this transmutation is assumed to have occurred quickly, in the all-or-nothing contention that a nonaquatic animal either walks or flies and that intermediate gliding grades must be evanescent because they are mere passageways from one stabilized organization to another, from life as terrestrial or arboreal animals to that as winged bats. The invalid and fallacious analogies of all-or-nothingness in the development of the vertebrate eye and of the rattlesnake's keratinous buzzer are sometimes introduced for support of this erroneous princi­ ple—whose content of teleology and orthogenesis discredits it for most vertebrate paleontologists.

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