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Black american citizens: A mental research

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Der Neoliberalismus hat in den letzten Jahren weite Bereiche unserer Gesellschaft geprägt. Es ist ihm gelungen, zumindest in einem Großteil der medialen Öffe- lichkeit die Legitimität des grundgesetzlich geschützten Sozialstaates – erstmals nach 1945 – zu erschüttern und dessen Säulen ins Wanken zu bringen.

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WG = white girls. BB = black boys. BG = black girls. NEA = normal expectation for age. ) As Figure 5 shows, the black children enter school markedly deficient -compared to the white children-in their ability to understand words. At the eighth-grade level there is still a significant racial gap, but it has been narrowed appreciably. The gain of the black girls during these years is especially impressive; by ages 13 and 14 they are almost equal to white boys in their ability to understand words. It is also clear, however, that black boys lag considerably behind black girls at the older age levels.

Thus, they do extremely well on Spelling, and comparatively well on identifying the correct meaning of individual words. Their poorest performance, in contrast, occurs when they are asked to determine the meaning of connected discourse, a task in which memory per se appears to be less critical. Scholastic Performance and IQ Level 29 Scholastic Performance and IQ Level It is sometimes asserted that black children who, relative to their own group, have high intelligence fail to perform in school at a level in keeping with their ability.

1 x On the other hand, Jensen and like-minded critics should, in our judgment, place greater emphasis on the fact that all attempts to produce IQ gains by environmental manipulation have been limited in scope. We have not as yet launched a full-scale effort in this direction which would give us a true indication of what is possible in this regard. Such a program would begin with prenatal care, attend carefully to the environmental stimulation provided the baby during his first year or two of life, and follow this with an educational program for the preschool years based upon what we now know about the learning process.

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