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It follows from the laws of magnitudes that an = 5n−1 →∞=0 n2 + n for n → ∞, hence the necessary condition of convergence is not fulfilled. 2) Alternatively we get by the criterion of roots that n |an | = n 5 5n−1 = √ → 5 > 1 for n → ∞, √ √ n 2 n n +n 5· n· nn+1 hence the series is divergent. 3) Alternatively every an > 0, so by using the criterion of quotients, 0< n(n + 1) an+1 5n n · → 5 > 1 for n → ∞, = =5· n−1 an (n + 1)(n + 2) 5 n+2 and the series is divergent. 22 Check if the series ∞ n2 + 1 n3 + 1 n=1 is convergent.

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14 Check if the series ∞ (−1)n √ n−3 n n=10 is convergent or divergent. In case of convergence, check if the series is conditionally convergent or absolutely convergent. √ Necessary condition for convergence? Since n − 3 n > 0 for n ≥ 10, and 1 1 1 √ =√ ·√ →0 n−3 n n n−3 for n → ∞, this condition is fulfilled. Absolute convergence? Since 1 1 √ > , n n−3 n ∞ n=10 and 1 is divergent, it follows from the criterion of comparison that the numerical series n ∞ 1 √ n−3 n n=10 is divergent, and the series is not absolutely convergent.

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