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By Edgar Thurston 1855-1935

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In discussing racial admixture, Quatrefages writes as follows, f " Parfois on trouve encore quelques tribus qui ont conserve plus on moins intacts tous les caracteres Les Coorumbas du Malwar [Malabar] et du Coorg paraissent former un noyau plus considerable encore, et avoir conserv6 dans les jungles de Wynaad une independence a peu pres complete, et tous leurs de leur race. D. the Kanarese Districts of the Bombay See Fleet, Dynasties of Presidency, 1882-86. f Histoire generale des Races Humaines, 1889.

Min. 81-9 957 68-1 the dolichocephalic type of cranium which has persisted, and which the Chenchus possess with various other jungle tribes, they are by the following table, at in still, common as shown once differentiated from the mesaticephalic dwellers in the plains near the foot of the Nallamalais : — Number of Cephalic Index. 40 Chenchus 60 Gollas ... times the index was 80 or over. 74'3 1 77'S 9 50 Boyas 77'9 14 39 Tota Balijas 78-0 10 49 Kapus 78-8 16 78-8 4 ... 19 Upparas 16 Mangalas ...

G. A. Grierson * of Southern India. " the Dravidian family comprises ventional one. It is a word which all the principal langu- The name Dravidian ages of Southern India. is a con- derived from the Sanskrit Dravida, again probably derived from an older is Dramila, Damila, and is identical with the name of Tamil. The name Dravidian is, accordingly, identical with Tamulian, which name has formerly been used by European writers as a common designation of the languages in question. ) employed denote the to Dravida has been used the so-called five In India Dravidian family.

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