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By Raminder Kaur, William Mazzarella

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Censorship in South Asia deals an expansive and comparative exploration of cultural legislation in modern and colonial South Asia. those provocative essays through top students increase our figuring out of what censorship could mean—beyond the straightforward restrict and silencing of public communication—by contemplating censorship's efficient power and its intimate relation to its obvious contrary, "publicity." The participants examine quite a lot of public cultural phenomena, from the cinema to advertisements, from highway politics to political verbal exchange, and from the adjudication of blasphemy to the administration of obscenity.

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This colonization of quotidian space replicated the infestation of the body of the cow itself 36 Iatrogenic Religion and Politics with the divine; in numerous lithographs the cow becomes a proto-nation, a space which embodies a Hindu cosmology. Among the earliest images is that published by P. C. Biswas of Calcutta and, after the turn of the century, designs which circulated in the 1890s were widely commercially produced and would even appear on commercial packaging such as textile labels. These lithographs can be seen as mythic charters whose metaphors were instantaneously transformed into everyday spatial practice, an iconic mythopraxis that convulsed much of northern India.

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