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By Alexander Frater

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On twentieth might the Indian summer time monsoon will start to envelop the rustic in nice rainy fingers, one coming from the east, the opposite from the west. they're untied over crucial India round tenth July, a date that may be calculated inside seven or 8 days. Frater goals to keep on with the monsoon, staying occasionally in the back of it, occasionally in entrance of it, and all over observing the effect of this notable phenomenon. in the course of the fearful interval of ready, the elements forecaster is king, consulted by way of pie-crested cockatoos, and a cheerful interval ensues: there's a interval of promiscuity, and scandals proliferate. Frater's trip will take him to Bangkok and the cowboy city at the Thai- Malaysian border to Rangoon and Akyab in Burma (where front funnels up among the mountains and the sea).

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The wife of the chief priest sat with her hands clenched, her fingers pressed hard into her palms, and could not open them until the rains came. This penance meant that everything had to be done for her - she had to be fed, her teeth cleaned and so on. But the skies remained absolutely clear and the weather continued baking hot. ' T laughed. He gave me a solemn look. 'I was there' he said. 'I saw everything they did. The fire had been lit in a large wooden pavilion and, when special mantras were chanted which caused the flames to jump ten feet, the building itself began blazing.

The voices around spoke in all the dialects of India and, not for the first time, I was struck by the notion that I was just one alien among many. This seemed to be a nation of millions of foreigners, a bewildering accretion of mutually exclusive tongues, gods and cultures the governance of which, shaky although it might be, appeared nothing short of miraculous. I was approached by a number of naked sadhus, rough-looking customers who began demanding money with menaces. Babu, shooing them off, led me towards a large, graceless building called the Kerala State Guest House where, in a squalid dining room reeking of stale grease, he summoned a cook and demanded tea.

They exclaimed. ' They gave me knowing smiles. One took my card, knocked at a door marked. 'M. S. Rajagopalan, Director' and went in. A moment later he emerged, beckoning. Mr Rajagopalan received me standing up in an agitated state, my card in his hand. ' he said. T do not have authority. ' I stared at him. ' ' TelescopesV Mr Rajagopalan sat and eyed me warily. 'Aren't you wishing to sell me one? ' 'That's a newspaper. I'm a journalist. ' This caused him to throw up his hands exasperatcdly and cry, 'Look, look, monsoon is coming\ Everyone is going around saying it is late but it will be here Wednesday, Thursday latest.

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