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By David G Horrell, Professor of New Testament Studies and Fellow Christopher M Tuckett

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This selection of essays by way of a global workforce of well-known New testomony students is in honour of David Catchpole, lately retired from his place because the Saint Luke's origin Professor of Theological stories on the college of Exeter, united kingdom. The essays characterize various ways and themes, attached jointly via a spotlight on different types of christological declare, no matter if via the ancient Jesus, within the Q culture, John, Paul or the synoptics, and their reference to controversy and the development of early Christian group. The individuals are: Stephen Barton, Peder Borgen, Richard Burridge, Marinus de Jonge, James Dunn, Earle Ellis, Birger Gerhardsson, Michael Goulder, Morna Hooker, John Kloppenburg Verbin, Robert Morgan, John Painter, Ronald Piper, Peter Richardson, Christopher Rowland, Graham Stanton, N.T. Wright, and the editors.

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E. Linnemann's Gibt es ein synoptisches Problem? (Niirnberg: VTR, 31998 [4991]) is an attack on synoptic scholarship in general, but one that suffers from an unfortunate lack of acquaintance with much of the relevant literature (see my review in Critical Reviews in Religion 1993 [Atlanta: Scholars, 1993] 262-4). 24 JOHN S. M. R. G. M. 5 The work of David Catchpole on Q has proved important not only for the host of insights into the construction and thought of Q,, 2 A large number of publications have issued from the research team assembled by Farmer, most recently, AJ.

In short, there is a good deal more to be said for the historical value of the tradition on which Mark drew in his narrative 14:55—64 than is usually recognized within critical scholarship. That this conclusion accords as closely as it does with David Catchpole's own early conclusions is an added and delightful bonus. IS THERE A NEW PARADIGM? John S. Kloppenborg Verbin One of the persistent criticisms of the current state of Synoptic scholarship by both William Farmer and Michael Goulder is that the fundamental issue of the Synoptic Problem is often treated as if H J.

For Popper, science progresses in a continuous process of conjectures and refutations, with multiple conjectures vying for dominance. This erodes Kuhn's distinction between "normal" and "extraordinary" science, between those phases of scientific research generally informed by one broad conceptual paradigm, related practices, and commending a certain research program, on the one hand, and on the other, transitional periods when a prevailing paradigm has become problematized due to a critical mass of uncooperative data and anomalous observations, which eventually lead to its displacement by a new paradigm.

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Christology, Controversy, and Community: New Testament Essays in Honour of David R. Catchpole (Supplements to Novum Testamentum) (Supplements to Novum Testamentum) by David G Horrell, Professor of New Testament Studies and Fellow Christopher M Tuckett

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