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ISBN-10: 9021940450

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Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–3): Anne McLaren
Chapter 2 choice in the course of Embryogenesis (pages 5–25): R. L. Gardner and J. Rossant
Chapter three Developmental prospects of the Germ Layers in Mammals (pages 27–45): N. Skreb A. Svajgert and B. Levak?Svajger
Chapter four progress from Fertilization to start within the Mouse (pages 47–51): Anne McLaren
Chapter five Embryo progress throughout the quick Postimplantation interval (pages 53–70): M. H. L. Snow
Chapter 6 mobilephone Migration in Early Vertebrate improvement Studied in Interspecific Chimeras (pages 71–114): Nicole Le Douarin
Chapter 7 Genetic edition of ??Glucuronidase Expression in the course of Early Embryogenesis (pages 115–131): Verne M Chapman, David Adler, Cesar Labarca and Linda Wudl
Chapter eight Genetic results on Mammalian improvement in the course of and After Implantation (pages 133–154): Roger A. Pedersen and Akiko I. Spindle
Chapter nine Morphological results of Trisomy in Mammals (pages 155–175): A. Gropp
Chapter 10 the looks of Cell?Surface Antigens within the Developmentof the Mouse Embryo: A learn of Cell?Surface Differentiation (pages 177–197): Michael Edidin
Chapter eleven Electron Microscopy of telephone institutions in T?Locus Mutants (pages 190–239): Martha Spiegelman
Chapter 12 ‘Transdifferentiation’ of Vertebrate Cells in telephone tradition (pages 241–258): Goro Eguchi
Chapter thirteen Hormone?Like Factor(s) in Mesenchymal Epithelial Interactions in the course of Embryonic improvement (pages 259–273): William J. Rutter and Raymond L. Pictet
Chapter 14 legislation of Mesenchymal phone development in the course of Human Limb Morphogenesis via Glycosaminoglycan?Adenylate Cyclase interplay on the cellphone floor (pages 275–300): Robert O. Kelley and Gene C. Palmer

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5 days) and the head-fold stage (9 days) of rat embryonic shields (deprived of extra-embryonic membranes), and were grown for 15 days under the kidney capsule of isogeneic adult animals. The resulting teratomas were examined histologically. Endodertn In the developmental stages tested so far (the pre-primitive streak, the early primitive streak, and the head-fold stage) the isolated endoderm did not differentiate at all when grafted alone under the kidney capsule of isogeneic adult 31 GERM LAYER DIFFERENTIATION animals.

Therefore only a rough orientation can be expected from the experiments to be described now. In the first series of experiments, embryonic shields from the pre-primitive streak and early primitive streak stages were used. After the primitive endoderm and all extra-embryonic parts had been removed, the remaining cylindershaped primitive embryonic ectoderm (alone or bearing the incipient mesodermal ‘wings’) was cut transversely into two parts (Fig. 3). One part (the tip of the egg cylinder) contained the anterior half of the primitive streak, Hensen’s node and the posterior half of the future neural plate.

Estimates of cell numbers suggest that cell cycle times in the region of 5 h are necessary if the growth rate found between 6& and 74-days of age is to be achieved. Furthermore the production of mesoderm in this time requires a contribution of cells from some other tissue and cannot be explained on the basis of proliferation from a small number of stem cells. The simplest model is that of cell migration from the ectoderm through the primitive streak with subsequent development as mesoderm. FOCUS In the three days after implantation in the mouse, embryo development is considerable.

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