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By William Dalrymple

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Glowing with irrepressible wit, City of Djinns peels again the layers of Delhi's centuries-old heritage, revealing a rare array of characters alongside the way-from eunuchs to descendants of serious Moguls. With refreshingly open-minded interest, William Dalrymple explores the seven "dead" towns of Delhi in addition to the 8th city-today's Delhi. Underlying his quest is the legend of the djinns, fire-formed spirits which are acknowledged to guarantee the city's Phoenix-like regeneration regardless of what percentage instances it truly is destroyed. wonderful, attention-grabbing, and informative, City of Djinns is an impossible to resist mix of analysis and event.

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14 The proposal to amend the 1 8 72 Code was sent to Lord Hartington, the Secretary of State in London; Hartington approved the Government of India's pro­ posal, although he failed to inform the Viceroy of the considerable hostility to the change from some members of his Council, such as Sir Henry Maine. 15 The Viceroy subsequently instructed his Legislative Department to draft a bill incorporating Gupta's proposal; the Bill, now known as the IIbert Bill, was introduced in the Council on 9 February 1883.

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