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By B. Hudson McLean & Bradley H. McLean

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Mos. 95). This same usage is found in De Fugaet Inventione which states that 'the lid of the Ark' is called a 'hilasterion (TO ercOejia %r\q KipcoToi), KocXei 8e OC\)T6 itaxarnpiov)'. 62 Note that in each case, the term iA,occrcT|piov is used with a definite article. If itaxcTTipiov does not mean kapporet, what does it mean? 63 Since my principal concern is the meaning of itaxarnptov in Rom. 25,1 shall suspend consideration of this question for a moment. Does the term hilasterion in Rom. 64 Does the use of this term in Rom.

In his discussion of the sacrifice of the red heifer (Spec. Leg. 261-62, 268), Philo paraphrases the entire text of Num. 1-22 with the exception of every passage which refers to the ability of the holy carcass to confer impurity. 57 Though it is difficult to understand fully the subtle logic of the purification ritual, one point is clear: even though a purification sacrifice had the capacity to transmit impurity, the priestly writers were very careful to avoid giving the impression that its substance became defiled by this contamination.

13; Num. 46 In the words of Milgrom: 'sin is a miasma that, 44. RJ. Daly, Christian Sacrifice (Washington: Catholic University of America Press, 1978), p. 240, cf. p. 237. 45. E. Oesterly, Sacrifices in Ancient Israel: Origin, Purposes and Development (London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1937), p. 77; de Vaux, Ancient Israel, pp. P. Saydon, 'Sin-Offering and Trespass-Offering', CBQ 8 (1946), pp. 393-99, esp. p. 393. For an attempt to distinguish hatta't and 'asham see: J. Milgrom, 'The Cultic shegagah and its influence in Psalms and Job', JQR 58 [1967], pp.

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