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Saiyid Muhammad Reza Khan held the place of work of Naib Nazim and Naib Diwan of Bengal from 1765 to 1772. This learn contains the youth of the Khan, yet concentrates really upon the years from 1756, whilst the Khan first held public workplace, to 1775. there has been a lot better continuity and overlapping among the British and Mughal administrations than has been meant. corporation servants like Clive looked as if it would the neighborhood public to be easily Mughal grandees in British uniforms and the concepts imagined to have arrived with British rule truly happened a lot later. rather than the British steadily taking on the neighborhood management lower than the urge to do away with corruption, there has been an management carried on safely in conventional variety by way of Reza Khan below assault from the East India Company's officials who weren't quite a bit taken with rooting out this alleged corruption within the curiosity of justice and potency as expanding the sales of the corporate and including the by-products to themselves.

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Mir Qasim's part in the saving of Rabia's wealth and in introducing Reza Khan to the English is not clear. 4 Would it be too much to suggest that it was Mir Qasim who gave Mir Jafar the advice to appropriate Rabia Begum's wealth and that the 25,000 ashrafis were a bribe to win him over to the Khan's side? Certainly there is no other explanation available for the payment of so large a sum. This could well have been the occasion, of which Mir Qasim spoke later to Hastings, when Reza Khan was compelled to submit 'to a necessity against which he had no remedy', and when the Khan 'knew very well the dangerous situation in which his mother-inlaw.

Reza Khan, coming into Timurid India from outside, was accepted into the ruling community, was granted office and jagir,5 1 3 4 5 Clive to William Pitt, 7 Jan. 1759. Quoted: G. W. Forrest, The Life of Lord 2 Clive, 11, 412. Ibid. Calendar of Persian Correspondence (or CPC), vol. 1, nos. 2416, 2418. CPC, 1, 2423. It may be interesting to observe that, though it would have been none too difficult for him to acquire a zemindari, the Khan could never think of acquiring one, due perhaps to his inability to shake off his sense of identity with the 12 The twilight of Mughal Bengal and in return accepted the Mughal pattern of government as right and proper.

10 Reza Khan's passion for the past may, perhaps, have been of use to him when, under the English, he was seeking to preserve the old society; it certainly seems to have made him more bound by tradition and backward looking than was desirable. He was also very particular about diction and form in letter writing, then considered a great art. Ghulam Husain also tells us, in his un1 3 4 5 6 2 Seir, 11, 107. TM, 474. Seir, in, 150. The amount of his cash salary is not known but one Muhammad Husain was paid a salary of Rs.

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