Download e-book for kindle: Una gloria incierta: India y sus contradicciones by Amartya Sen, Jean Drèze

By Amartya Sen, Jean Drèze

ISBN-10: 8430610286

ISBN-13: 9788430610280

Las profundas desigualdades, l. a. falta de atención a las necesidades básicas de l. a. población y el inadecuado uso de los recursos públicos generados por el crecimiento económico son algunas de las grandes fallas. India no ha sabido revertir sus éxitos en una mejora de las infraestructuras y servicios públicos: l. a. escolarización y l. a. atención sanitaria siguen siendo muy deficientes, así como l. a. provisión de agua potable y electricidad, el sistema de desagüe y l. a. recogida de basuras.

Jean Drèze y Amartya Sen, premio Nobel de economía de origen indio, arrojan una mirada solidaria, crítica y despojada de clichés y de prejuicios occidentales. Este libro ofrece una poderosa contribución al debate sobre el papel del Estado ante las privaciones sociales, de ferviente actualidad hoy en España y en Europa. Un enfoque socioeconómico diferente y polémico que plantea soluciones trasladables a otros países.

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Gandhiji was right. It has been said that Alexander the Great conquered the world, but he could not conquer himself. That is, a conqueror of men, lacked self control. How sad. 16 SAYING ‘NO’ Discipline consists in saying ‘yes’ to reasonable rules and orders but saying ‘no’ to wrong or op-pressive orders. Both are equally to be praised. This is called ‘dissent’ and the dictionary defines it as refusal to assent or refusal to accept established doctrines. It is this capacity to dissent that distin-guishes a free man from a slave.

Do unto others as you would that they should do unto you’, is the Golden Rule. It is very hard to practice because most of us have a double set of standards, one for ourselves and another for all others. We condemn other people, but fail to judge ourselves by the same standard. ’ How true! ’ That might stop us doing something which is unkind or lacking in consideration for others. 21 THE FUTURE IS YOURS The intention of this book has not been to preach. We of my generation have made such a mess of our country’s affairs that, in my opinion, we have no right to preach to young folk.

He becomes arrogant and oppressive. It is part of human nature to enjoy flattery and we have to be very careful not to encourage flatterers. Even good men become victims of flattery. I was a friend of Jawaharlal Nehru till he became Prime Minister of India. One could agree or disagree with him without his losing his temper. But once he became Prime Minister, the flattery of the sycophants in Delhi was so powerful that Jawaharlal Nehru got angry when one disagreed with him. This was bad for him because it came in the way of his being told the truth or being given good advice.

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